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Hey, I'm Katelyn!

Founder & CEO of The Curly Scientist, LLC

I am a first-gen STEM student, the first engineer, & now the first doctoral candidate in my family.

Take it from someone who has been through the trenches of STEM. Anything that could go wrong during my degree programs did and I want to ensure that does not happen to you!

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"The application tracker helps you keep your application materials and progress organized. It even provides guidance for comparing your target programs and schools to help you find the right fit!"

-Diana R.

"After using the Job Hunt Workbook and Tracker, I felt more confident about starting the job hunt process on my own. The resources and tools inside are unmatched and helped me prepare for each interview. I have 2 internship offers at 2 companies! Thank you Katelyn!"

-Kristen T.

About Me

When I was applying to grad school, I realized minority students are unaware of how to navigate many aspects of higher-education.

Once I shared my grad school journey on Instagram, the messages from students started pouring in. Students needed help with choosing a research topic, finding funding, job/internship hunting, and the list goes on!

The Curly Scientist serves as a platforn where students on all levels can find a multitude of resources to help them along their STEM journey!

Collaborations & Features

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Listen to the Advising Hours Podcast!

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From the application process to preparing for a STEM career, allow me to lead your group with a curated workshop. Before the event, we will discuss the topic of your choosing, materials needed, and other information for the workshop to be a success!


If you’re looking for a panelist then look no further. With my personal, educational, and professional experiences, I am able to speak on a wide variety of STEM and education topics.


I’ve had experience in being a guest on Podcasts, YouTube Live Streams, and Instagram Lives. If you’re interested in having me as a guest or co-host, please include a link to your show in the inquiry form below!

As a Black Woman in STEM, my journey has been one of triumphs and failures. I’ve learned many things along the way that I love to share with others!


Education Partnerships

Whether K-12, collegiate, or graduate/professional students, I am able to develop STEM-based workshops for every student. They include introduction to STEM, professional development, and preparation for the next milestone in students' STEM journeys. I will create a workshop that meets the needs of your students!

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Corporate Partnerships

Now more than ever, companies need STEM-employees to ramp up innovation and evolve with our world today. The Curly Scientist is able to aid in the recruitment process, help retain new hires, and so much more. We will work together to develop a plan for your employees!

To partner with me, please fill out the form linked below. I look forward to working with you!

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